The remarkable story of Cloona begins in 1969 with Tibetan monks. In exile in Britain since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, they were invited to be part of the renovation of Cloona Mill in a project which would see them set up a community in the West of Ireland. However, even before the project was finished they were refused visas from an Irish government loathe to offend China. So it came to pass that since that time Cloona has been operating as a dedicated detox retreat centre. Run by Dhara Kelly, son of the founder, and an experienced team, the retreats currently include yoga, walking, meditation, sauna, massage, wheatgrass, juice fasting, and various other cutting edge practises and treatments. Cloona is the only such detox retreat centre in Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales, and has re-written the old concept of Health Farm. Set in the idyllic West of Ireland, a mile from the sea, Croagh Patrick and the heritage town of Westport, Cloona offers a calm, secluded, soulful environment in which gentle detoxing is supported by a team of experienced therapists whose work is guided by an ethos of respect, dedication and warm professionalism. It has won us a loyal clientele of men and women who return yearly to experience the benefits of our structured, holistic, detox retreat programs. These benefits range from clarity of mind, increased physical energy, brighter eyes, clearer skin, toning of muscles, weight loss, improved memory and creativity, renewed sense of purpose, new friendships, self-discovery, amelioration of many existing health conditions, enhanced responsiveness, greater awareness, co-ordination... Whatever your aspiration is, be it a detox holiday, to re-energize your system, retreat from the world, find space for meditation or simply fine-tune your body you will find that at Cloona you always get something more! Some retreats have specialised themes, such as liver flush, weight loss, energy, mindfulness, raw food... And some retreats now take place in sun-soaked lands abroad, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal...

"I have to confess an interest here, for I've been a fan of Cloona for a long time, one of the many repeat visitors who feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated after the week. I leave every time full of good intentions and with a looser waistband." Deirdre McQuillan (The Irish Times)


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